Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services
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ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit
The ACE3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the local processing of a PLC with the superior c..
APX Dual Radio
Whether you are responding to a fire call or rushing to a robbery or break in, you need c..
APX Transportable Base Station
  The APX Transportable Base Station is a rugged yet lightweight rapid deployment p..
APX1000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
The APX1000 provides a complete and complementary look and feel to the APX family of P25 ..
APX1500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Ideal for Local Government and Public Works Users Needing a Durable and Compact Mobile. ..
APX3000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Whether you’re an undercover officer or in special operations, you need to communicate secur..
APX4000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
The APX4000 delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Phase 2 porta..
APX4000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
The APX4000XE delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Phase 2 portable in..
APX4500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
The APX4500 brings together powerful technology in a compact, rugged, mobile radio that's ea..
APX6000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
  Delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight form factor without sacrifici..
APX6000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Designed with extreme ergonomics and advanced features in a single-band, rugged form factor, the ..
APX6500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
We’ve put exceptional flexibility into an advanced mission critical mobile radio that’s easy..
APX7000 P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio
  The APX7000 multi-band radio places instant interoperability into the hands of miss..
APX7000L P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio with LTE
Voice and data operations are becoming more common and necessary for public safety operations. Wh..
APX7000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
We've taken safety to the extreme with the APX7000XE – our most advanced, rugged radio with innov..

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